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Kuwait Reliance 8

Ahmedi Corner Complex,

Shop#21, Plot No.77,

Block -6, Ahmedi Inustrial Area.




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Tools - Hand Tools - Power Tools - Industrial Tools

Pliers & Cutter  
Cable Cutter Cable Cutter
Size: 4", 6", 8 ", 10"
Combination PlierCombination Plier
Size: 6", 7 ", 8", 9"
Nose PlierNose Plier
Size: 6", 8"
 Diagonal Cutter Diagonal Plier
Size: 6", 8" , 10"
  End Cutting Nipper End Cutting Nipper
Size: 6", 8"
Spanners & Wrenches
Pipe Wrench Pipe Wrench
Size : 6" to 36"
Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Wrench Black
Size : 7",9",10.5",12"

Adjustable Spanner Adjustable Spanner
Size : 6"-24"
Combination SpannerCombination Spanner
Size: 6 - 50 mm
Spanner SetSpanner Set Hammering Spanner Hammering Spanner
Scaffolding SpannerScaffolding Spanner
Size: 14x17 - 32x36
Basin WrenchBasin Wrench
 Snips Cutter
Aviation Tin Snip

 Aviation Tin Snip

Size: 8 - 12"

 Aviation Tin Snip

 Aviation Tin Snip
Heavy Duty

Size: 8 - 12"

Tin Snips Cuts

 Tin Snips
Cuts: Left, Straight, Right

Size: 8 -12"

 Tinner Snips Tinner Snips
Size: 10" ,12", 14 "
 Gilbow Tin Cutter  Gilbow Tin Cutter
Size: 10",12", 14 "
Sheep Shear  Sheep Shear
  PVC Pipe Cutter PVC Pipe Cutter
Size: 42 - 160mm
 Screw Drivers & Allen Key
Screw Driver Screw Driver
Size: 4", 5", 6", 8"
 Screw Driver Screw Driver
Size: 6", 8 "
Flat, Philips
 Screw Driver Screw Driver
Model: Go Thru
Size: 6" 8", 10"
Flat, Philips
  Voltage Tester Voltage Tester
Size: 140 mm, 190mm
Screw Driver Set Screw Driver Set
Nut DriverNut Driver
Size: 6mm - 12mm
Allen Key Allen Key
Size: 1.5 - 24mm
 Allen Key Allen Key
Graduation: mm, inch
Nest of Saw5pcs Nest of SawHandsawHandsaw
3 Cut Teeth
Builder SawBuilder SawPruning SawPruning Saw
Hack saw FrameHack saw Frame
Color: C/P
Hack saw Frame Hack saw Frame
Color: Green Frame
Hacksaw Frame Hacksaw Frame
Model: Force
Hack saw Frame Hack saw Frame
Hack Saw BladesHack Saw Blades
Size: 18T, 24T
Jigsaw Blade Jigsaw Blade
 Claw Hammer Claw Hammer
Sizes: 250g - 2kgs
Handle: Wooden, Steel, Fibre
 Machinist Hammer Machinist Hammer
Sizes: 300g, 500g, 800g, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg
Handle: Wooden, Fibre
Stoning HammerStoning Hammer
Sizes: 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg
Handle: Wooden Fibre
Hammer French Hammer French Type
Sledge Hammer Sledge Hammer
Size: 6lbs - 16lbs
Handle: Wooden, Fibre
Rubber Hammer  Rubber Hammer
Size: 8oz - 32 oz
Drive Std.Socket 1/2" Drive Std.Socket
Size: 8mm - 32 mm
Drive Deep Socket
1/2"  Drive Deep Socket
Size: 8mm - 32 mm
Universal Joint Universal Joint
Size: 1/2" Drive
Flex Handle Flex Handle
Size: 1/2" Drive
Length: 10"
Ratchet HandleRatchet Handle
Size: 1/2" Drive
BarSliding T Bar
Size: 1/2" Drive
Ext BarExtension Bar
Size: 1/2" Drive
Length: 5", 10"
Socket SetSocket Set 1/2" Drive
24 Pcs




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